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What is CMMI certification?

CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration. It is a process model that helps in improving the streamlined process of the organization & encourages productive, effective behavior that reduces the risk in developing a product or services. Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University created CMMI as an improvement tool for projects, and organizations. CMMI has total five maturity Levels:
  • Initial(Level 1):

    Here the processes are displayed as unpredictable & reactive. At this level, the work does get finished but it often goes more than the budget or is delayed. We can say that this would be one of the worse stages a business can found itself in – an unreliable environment that expands inefficiency and risk.

    Managed(Level 2):

    At this point of a stage, a particular project management level is accomplished. At this level the projects are being planned, measured, performed, and controlled, however, there are a lot of issues and complexities to address.

    Defined(Level 3):

    The organizations are more aggressive and dedicated compared to reactive. To “provide guidance across projects, programs, and portfolios,” there is a series of “organization-wide standards.” Businesses recognize their weaknesses, how to fix them, and what will be the goal is for improvement.

    Quantitatively managed(Level 4):

    Level 4 is more organized, measured, and controlled. Here, the projects and processes are managed using statistical tools. Variations are evaluated in performance and curated actions are planned applied. The main focus here is to enhance the processes concerning quantitative control & leading to enhancement in productivity, less cycle time, and decrement in defects & issues, etc.

    Optimizing(Level 5):

    Here the processes of an organization are stable and flexible. In this final stage of the Maturity level, the organization’s innovation is carried out in tools, technology for continuous improvements all over the organization. This way the level 5 led the organization on the way to continuous improvement via optimizing different activities.

Importance of CMMI certification

Along with the process model, CMMI is a behavioral model that can be of great help when it comes to creating benchmarks & making the environment more healthier and productive in every aspect. CMMI is considered as more of a framework that is adopted for the guidance of developing processes & is predicted to offer high-quality flawless end-product.
CMMI is one of the best choices when a business becomes more competitive. It shows the customers that quality assurance is of paramount importance to your organization.

According to a study, numerous organizations with CMMI Certification revealed a boost in sales, turnover, and customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of CMMI certification?

Implementing CMMI in your organization will boost your company’s worth manifolds. Below are some of the prominent benefits of CMMI certification:
CMMI can create wonders for achieving high-quality benchmarks. Upholding unmatched quality normally rises with beginner-level to mid-level and senior-level managers.

  • You will notice a significant improvement in respect to performance and process after the execution of CMMI.
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration can help companies dramatically by developing their skills, as the competition between organizations becomes more severe.
  • Consistent delivery & efficient error resolution practices will be a bonus to the organization for increasing the market demand.
  • CMMI will stand out as a more cost-effective approach in certain areas of the organization.
  • The examination of product’s life cycle is accomplished
  • Great ROI(Return on Investment)

How can Mas Global help you to consult CMMI certification?

Mas Global Services’ CMMI consultancy includes guidance, consultancy, and process development to perform the CMMI model in companies and organizations to regulate and enhance their processes. We ensure you that our CMMI consultancy offers efficient and effective process improvement plans & provides the skills to the staff for extending and maintaining the process of business in the organization.

We have assisted several companies in providing them a CMMI certification, CMMI consultancy for their organization or companies. Whether you are an SME(Small and medium-sized enterprises) or a multinational corporate venture, our well-established CMMI consulting solutions will make sure that you achieve CMMI models most effectively with completing a project on time to get a suited CMMI maturity level appraisal. Mas Global Service process is simpler, and faster. The minimal time taken to get a CMMI Certificationis around 6 to 8 months. However, it also depends on your process & the size of the organization.

For CMMI certificate body name, Mas Global is associated with multiple certificate body institutes and registrars. If you have your preferred requirements, connect with us for further discussion so that we can provide a certificate body name for your organization.


Have you ever worked with a company that failed to provide you an accurate timeline for your project? Ever experienced projects that went over-budget or the services which you didn’t ask for were provided to you? Dealing with a CMMI level 3 company means that you won’t have such type of experience. We at Mas Global Services will consult you to find a relevant CMMI company and also assist you in receiving the CMMI certification for your organization. If you are looking for any CMMI assistance, then you can contact us at info@masglobalservices.com.


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